Shay Lundvall

Shay Lundvall

The City Council will soon have its annual retreat, and for the first time in several years, it will not take place in Gillette.

“We’re rebuilding here, it’s something that I’ve been wanting to see as we continue to move forward,” said Mayor Shay Lundvall. “And quite honestly, I’d like for us to get away and have a retreat together.”

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David Kidd

I have a problem with this. 1. Why are we taking our money out of town? 2. Your term just started. Why do you need a "retreat"? 3. How does going out of town, on our money "help you get to know eachother better"? You didn't get elected to make new friends. 4. Seems like it's the same thing, different counci. Very disappointing and disturbing.


Agree, This is why people should be asking more questions and why do we continue to vote for these people. This is why nothing changes. Tim, for nine years!?

Shay Lundvall!?

Wow, I’m truly embarrassed for Campbell County residents.


It appears that Bart Simpson grew up and got himself a government job.

Don't have a cow, man.


For the exact reason he said... there's too many distractions at home. The "retreat" to get away and plan and set goals, etc. They need to focus. And getting to know each other better helps them function better as a board. A lot of local boards do theirs out of town for the same reason.


Boondoggle at its best.

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