After about 90 minutes of protesting outside Gillette City Hall on Tuesday evening, dozens of city residents packed the City Council chambers to overflowing demanding former councilman Shay Lundvall be installed back on the council and for the mayor and council to step down.

Lundvall resigned his Ward 3 seat on the council last week at the urging of Mayor Louise Carter-King and the rest of the council. They were reacting to a pair of complaints that Lundvall had “liked” a handful of Facebook posts that espoused sexist and offensive opinions.

News Record writer Gregory Hasman contributed to this story.

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Deb Strohschein

Three words. Harper Valley PTA. Some of you will get it,........


Actually, I think an "unrighteous act" would because grown man mocking another human being in trouble, snapping a picture, and calling said individual a "worthless worm." That's absolutely sickening. Don't cry about being harassed when you publicly post about awful things that you've done. Don't want to be identified as a loathsome individual? Then don't act like one. This should not be a difficult concept to grasp.

Marie Sneed

The City of Gillette, Wyoming with more than 30,000 residents;--- it seems to me that some Citizens are feeling that the City has not been treated them fairly. Wondering if the City Officials will Post a list of those people and / Coulcilman, who says he was forced to resign in his position due to his a. Ethical comments in Social Mefia! Well! Well! The fact that Cizens can Vote and stand to Voice whatever be the case or a situation;--- The People's message should be taking into consideration and be evaluated as !ady Justice is Blinded!

At the time of my staying in Asia, Tokyo in Japan;-- I have learned the power of hyprocrasy! It is a very powerful tactic used by people to get ridden of whatever is understood such as an example of a thought provoking! Uhmm

I am seating and pondering on some names known when I used to go to Cammels High School Football games! Very surprised to read some distincted names due to shown pattern of behaviors.

We should not be paying much attention to issues that added nothing to bring human's dignity due to lower self-esteem or luck of assurance!

Charles Warren, The Making of the Constitution, p 717 (1937, originally published 1928), quotes this with slight variation in wording, but adds in a footnote: "As Madison does not mention this speech, there is some doubt as to the accuracy of the report."

I cannot conceive how any man can have brought him himself to that pitch of presumption;---to consider his City as nothing;--upon which he /she / they may scribble whatever they pleased!

Therefore, if to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove;--- Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repaie! In the hand of God, we trust!

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