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Gillette's own 'Homeward Bound': Lost dog from Nebraska found, returned to owner

Losing a pet can leave a hopeless feeling. It brings about a surge of adrenaline in those first few moments of searching, which turns to a dull ache as the hours stretch into days. Some animals seem rugged enough to survive these kinds of adventures, and other pets seem particularly ill-suited to being helped.

When Manny, a 4-year-old rescue dog, ran away from his owner more than a week ago, he seemed like he was in the latter camp. He’s very scared of humans and missing some toes on his right rear foot that causes him to carry that leg sometimes. But a week after Manny went missing, he was back in his owner’s loving arms, thanks to the help of some selfless Gillette residents.


Manny, a 4-year-old rescue dog, ran away from his owner more than a week ago before being successfully reunited with his owner, Doris Spear, who drove from her home in Wahoo, Nebraska, to retrieve him once found.


Manny, a 4-year-old rescue dog, is now safe and sound back home in Wahoo, Nebraska after becoming lost in Gillette a little over a week ago.


An active local Facebook community helped reunite Manny with his family.


Manny, a 4-year-old rescue dog, is happy to be back home in Nebraska after running away during a visit to Gillette.

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