It was a trip to the library, same as they’ve done countless times before. But on Wednesday, the warm and welcoming sanctuary that is the Campbell County Public Library had been disrupted by protestors with messages of hate.

Beckie Avery couldn’t help but wonder what was happening. She was on her lunch break dropping off her 16-year-old, who loves to do arts and crafts and hang out with friends there.

Trans protest

After complaining to the Campbell County Commission about the public library’s Pride Month Facebook post in June, a protest was organized in response to a planned family show featuring a magician and comedienne who is transgender.

Trans protest

People gathered outside the Campbell County Public Library on 4J Road on Wednesday to protest the library’s recognition of June as Pride Month and planned performances by a magician who is transgender. The shows were canceled after a social media campaign and threats targeting the performer and library staff.

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There are two sides to every story, and the truth is in the middle! GNR look at/interview/report both sides. Your coverage has been very slanted to the transgender side of the issue. People on both sides have a right to their options, you, GNR, have an obligation to report all sides!


GNR included a photo of the protesters and their signs. That pretty much provides "their side." This article provides the viewpoint of those the protesters chose to target. What additional elevant information would be added to the story by interviewing the intolerant buffoons in the photo?

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