A few displays in the Campbell County Festival of Lights were damaged Saturday night, but most of them should be working again Monday night.

Parks superintendent Kevin Geer said someone broke five or six floodlights that shone on the sponsor signs. Some extension cords also were ripped apart and pulled out of the ground.

Displays that were vandalized included the trumpeting angels, the snowman family and the sliding penguins, all of which are at the beginning of the loop. The damage was discovered Sunday morning.

Parks employees has been working to repair or replace the lights and the cords, Geer said. He’s hopeful the displays are back up and running Monday night.

He did not have a cost estimate for the damage. Nothing was stolen.

The controller for the sliding penguins display also was damaged, and a new one will cost $200 to $300, Geer said.

“If we have to get a new controller for that display, that could take a couple of weeks,” he said.

As far as Geer knows, it is the first time that someone has vandalized the Festival of Lights since 2009, when some bulbs were broken.

There are no plans to install cameras around the park because it’s spread out over such a large area, and it would be very expensive to put a camera on each display, Geer said.

He hopes the community will be vigilant and proactive to report any suspicious activity as they’re driving through the Festival of Lights.

“If they see anybody messing around, doing something they shouldn’t be doing, call the police,” he said.

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Such a shame that people put so much time and effort and money into decorating such a beautiful FREE display for the community to enjoy and some mean jerk comes and vandalizes it! We live in North Dakota and if you want to see the festival of lights here its 25 bucks a person because people like that ruined it for everyone!

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