Campbell County Commissioners are going back to the drawing board after a third unsuccessful attempt at securing grant funding for an industrial park.

The county had applied for an $11.3 million grant from the Economic Development Association’s Coal Communities Commitment to build the Pronghorn Industrial Park. In the application, the county said it would provide a 20% match, or $2.8 million. The application also mentioned two committed beneficiaries that would move into the industrial park once it was complete.

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And so Gillette and Campbell County continue to die a slow, painful death.


Ka12, hide and make stupid comments, you must feel like a real big person! What has actually died? Things are changing and doing well, but you ignorance and ability to see that is pitiful!


papaj obviously you don't see the writing on the wall. Gillette is losing the tax base it has depended on for so long as coal continues to decline. If we do not support new initiatives to bring in new industries and provide them a place to develop as this industrial park would do how much longer do you think Gillette will continue to "do very well"? Some of the spaces could be used by new industries that could help keep coal going, but just keep believing every will be fine as is. We have the opportunity to make use of millions of dollars of federal money to help us transition away from coal and we just leave it on the table? Who is stupid?

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