Campbell County Attorney Ron Wirthwein is resigning effective Monday. 

"Serving the community in any capacity is an important calling. In my time as a prosecutor I have had many successes and, of course, some failures," Wirthwein said in a letter to Campbell County commissioners sent Thursday afternoon. "Not every case ended exactly the way that I wanted it to, but I am secure in the knowledge that I did all I could for the people of Campbell County."

Wirthwein was a former chief deputy county attorney and was elected in 2014 to be the county attorney and re-elected in 2018. His term ends in 2022.

"I am sure there are many good people who will want to step up into the role of County Attorney and I have faith that the Republican Party will send three well-qualified individuals," he wrote. "I also have faith that the Commissioners will select the best person for the job. I know that Campbell County will be in good hands."

Wirthwein's letter did not give a reason for his resignation.

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What kind of notice is that? If he couldn’t fulfill his obligation as an elected official then why did he run? If you ever listened to him at trial you’d understand we are better off without him anyways.

Wyoming Resident

They might be better off without your sarcastic comment Painter1992 who doesn’t know your butt from a hole in the ground.


Corrupt from his first day. Fire the whole da office and there people who keep putting these jokes in charge. Trained by jeannie. Jeannie destroyed families without announcing conflicts. Hadn't been a fair trial in Gillette since she was allowed to run. Ruined my children's childhoods and educations. Sc*m. And scr*w the news record for not covering it. Diplomas on you jeanie and Ron. Special place in h*ll for these sc*m.. wow profanity filter seems worse than Facebook.. news record your not healthy for Gillette

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