A man who has been living in Gillette under a different name has been served a governor’s warrant that would allow his extradition to Michigan on multiple charges — including murder — if a judge agrees.

Jeremy Michael Heath, 43, was served the warrant Thursday afternoon, where he remains in Campbell County jail. His bond was revoked at a brief hearing Friday afternoon pending a decision on the extradition request.

Heath's attorney, Robert O'Neil, has until Nov. 1 to file court documents regarding whether Heath is the person sought by Michigan and whether he should be extradited.

Heath was arrested Aug. 1 on Meadow Rose Avenue after a state fraud investigator who was looking into another case found his name. She tipped off police that as she was searching for information about him, she found a warrant for his arrest in Michigan for murder, according to a police report.

A Facebook account was found that listed his name as Dallas Myers.

When police questioned the woman at the home Aug. 1, she denied that Heath lived there and said that she hadn’t seen him since back in Michigan. Officers questioned the validity of her statements because of her nervousness and the fact that she had posted a Facebook photo with him in January 2018.

In the home, they also found a photo on the wall that appeared to be the same photo that Heath had as his profile background photo on his Facebook page, according to the report.

When officers searched the master bedroom, they saw clothes moving in the closet and found Heath hiding under the clothes.

Heath protested the arrest.

“You took a dad away from his kids for supposedly some dead child molester that molested over 10 f---ing babies,” he told police.

Health is suspected in the Aug. 23, 2009, murder of Dennis McCarthy in Oakland County, Michigan.

The Tri-County Times in Michigan reported that McCarthy, 64, pleaded guilty in 2008 to a sexual assault and spent a year in jail. He was released from jail just days before the break-in and attack at his home that cost him his life.

In 2003, an Oakland County Circuit Court jury found McCarthy not guilty of molesting five girls. In 2007, a charge of second-degree criminal sexual conduct came after McCarthy was accused of molesting his then 4-year-old grandson in his Holly Township home, according to the Tri-County Times.

According to Michigan State Police, the investigation revealed that McCarthy’s wife heard noises. She went to investigate and checked the doors to make sure they were all locked. While checking a back door, an intruder walked through an unlocked door, the Times reported.

McCarthy’s wife screamed at the intruder and yelled for her husband, who confronted the intruder and struggled with him. During the altercation, McCarthy was stabbed by the intruder. Despite being stabbed, he chased the intruder out of the home before collapsing from his injuries.

The suspect, later identified as Heath, fled on foot. A K-9 unit was unable to pick up a track, according to the Times report.

Detectives did not believe the crime was a random act of violence. State police reported in 2012 that Heath was connected to a youth who had been sexually assaulted by McCarthy and that was his motive for killing McCarthy, the newspaper reported.

According to the Gillette police reports, after his arrest Heath referred at least twice to a conversation at a party about the unfairness of a child molester getting only a year in jail.

“I was at party where they were talking about that and how f---ed up that is. I know you’ve been around people like that that have said mother f- — — like that deserve to die and that’s the end of it,” he told the officer taking him to jail.

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