Mask mandate

Campbell County Commissioners agreed last month to start requiring workers in the courthouse to mask up as COVID-19 numbers continue to spike. Those visiting the courthouse are not required to wear a mask, yet a good number of people do.

The Campbell County Commission's decision in mid-November to require county employees to wear masks while at work caught some departments by surprise.

County Treasurer Rachael Knust said she had no time to prepare for the change, which was effective immediately after commissioners approved it at a regular meeting.

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You know if people would just wear the mask for the good of everyone there would be no need for a mandate to wear them. It's kind of like with a child who won't follow a rule or guideline on his/her own you have to tell them to do it sometimes more than once. Come on people grow up, wear the mask. We are heading into the worst time of this crisis and if everyone would step up and just wear a mask for a few months when in public we could get through this a lot better.


No, thank you. My body, my choice. If that works for "abortion" (i.e. murder) it'll work for this situation quite nicely. Drink you own Koolaide


Jill as I've said before wearing a mask is not a choice about what happens to you it's also about what happens to your neighbors, community, friends, and other members of your family. But hey go ahead and do your part to continue spreading the virus around. We will get through this without your help, just hope you can live with your actions.


I agree with Jill, Karen! “My body, my choice!” If you chose to go out in public with your mask, that is your choice. I chose to go with out a mask, my choice.

I do chose to be armed at all times, my choice. What are you doing, Karen, to protect me?


Must be exhausting to carry around so much ignorance. It's a heavy load with your gun and all.

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