A 14-year-old boy was ticketed for destruction of property after vandalizing the Festival of Lights on Saturday night.

At about 8:30 that night, the boy’s mother reported that he was missing from her home, said Police Lt. Brent Wasson. Shortly after 11 p.m., a man driving through the Festival of Lights said his vehicle was hit by Christmas decorations, and he got out and chased a shadow, but could not find anyone.

That night, the boy returned home and told his mom he took down lights, Wasson said. The boy then spoke to officers and was ticketed.

The teen broke five or six floodlights that shone on the sponsor signs, and pulled some extension cords out of the ground.

Parks Superintendent Kevin Geer said the cost to repair the damage, including time and labor, was $555.

Three trumpeting angels, the snowman family and the sliding penguin displays were damaged. There was some concern that the controller for the sliding penguins would have to be replaced, putting the display down for a couple of weeks. But Geer said it wasn’t damaged as badly as initially thought.

The vandalism kept the displays down Sunday night, but by Monday evening, everything was back to normal, Geer said.

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Jody Ewing

Natural consequences!! Make him help fix the lights and work everyday after school doing work in the park. Work off that restitution. No whining. Give him s police escort and make sure he dies it. Then every evening have him take pictures of his work and the progress. Negative and positive reinforcement. Community service fir sure.

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