Gillette resident Pamela Halbrook was a high school student when she protested the Vietnam War.

“I was young then,” she said. “We didn't go out on the street.”

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I was in the US Army for a decade. I support your right to protest. I fought for you to have the freedom to do so. With that said...

Please keep it civil. Please don't feed the trolls that may go by and talk trash. They have a right to think the way they do too. I sadly fought for that as well. There will be ones who try to push you to incite violence. If you don't feed in to that then you will demonstrate to the rest of the country how to protest peacefully. We need a shining example of that in this trying time.

I don't want any harm or harassment to befall the citizens of Gillette. This is a beautiful and peaceful city. I'm still a soldier. I will defend your freedoms to the end. Please show the world that we can protest, have a voice, and make a change without resorting to violence. "Be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi

Best of luck and stay safe,



Well spoken Walter; kudos to you and thank you for your service to our Great Country


Well said, Walter Wyoming.

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