Mark Christensen has resigned from the Campbell County Commission, effective Monday.

In his resignation letter, Christensen wrote that he does not take the decision lightly and that he has been considering it “for some time.”

“I want to place a renewed focus on my family and my career, and the ongoing time commitment of public service is hampering my abilities to do so,” he wrote. “Additionally, recent changes in our community and government have allowed me the opportunity to reflect upon my long-term goals and reevaluate where I care to place my focus.”

Christensen was first elected in 2012 and was the longest-serving member of the current commission. He was re-elected in 2016 and had one more year left in his term. 

Christensen said he’s proud of the accomplishments the commission made during his seven years on the board, including increasing reserves by about $60 million, cutting the budget without laying off employees and increasing the focus on Gillette College and secondary education. 

“My hope is that my service and accomplishments exemplify the profound changes that one can impart through dedication and sacrifice to an organization and cause,” Christensen wrote, adding that he plans to keep advocating for Campbell County and its residents “to maintain our exceptional quality of life and great community.”

Christensen’s resignation comes less than four weeks after a county press release revealed that Christensen brought an employee from a personal business with him to a meeting about Carbon Valley at the University of Wyoming. He was attending the meeting in his capacity as a commissioner.

Christensen’s company that the employee works for applied for a contract to help the city and county brand and market itself as a hub for advanced carbon research.

See Tuesday's News Record for more on this story.

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