Gillette Reproductive Health

Front office worker Jenell Emerson prepares to file patient documents at Gillette Reproductive Health last July.

A local woman has raised nearly $20,000 for Gillette Reproductive Health.

When Elaine Jessen heard that the Campbell County Commissioners had decided against funding Gillette Reproductive Health for the second straight year, she “was appalled.”

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Thank you Elaine Jensen for your hard work to secure donations for Gillette Reproductive Health. The agency does such wonderful work for so many of our community. Will you run for County Commissioner ? Think about it.


It appears that one or more of our County Commissioners acted on rumors and misinformation, rather than researching any concerns to actually see what was based on fact and what was either someone's bias or simply something not true.


This is how we are supposed to be. When something is important to us we should get out and work for it, do something about it. If an organization is important to us we should support it with our own dollars not demand the government do it.

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