Vector of Coronavirus 2019

Vector of Coronavirus 2019-nCoV and Virus background with disease cells. COVID-19 Corona virus outbreaking and Pandemic medical health risk concept. Vector illustration eps 10

Campbell County recorded 78 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, increasing its active case count to 346, according to the Wyoming Department of Health.

Statewide, active cases rose to 4,153, the most in the state since Dec. 9.

The rising number of COVID-19 patients continues to be an issue in Wyoming, as the total number of Wyoming patients increased to 198 on Wednesday, with 14 of those patients in Campbell County, according to the Wyoming Department of Health.

Here are the latest numbers:


  • First vaccine doses administered: 10,349 (as of Monday)
  • Second vaccine doses administered: 8,725 (as of Monday)
  • Johnson & Johnson doses administered: 1,103
    • Vaccine counts may lag up to 3 days
  • Number of new confirmed cases: 78
  • Number of probables: 617
  • Number of confirmed cases in last 14 days: 507
  • Confirmed total since pandemic began: 5,720
  • Number of active cases: 346
  • Recoveries: 5,900
  • Recoveries in past seven days: 252
  • New deaths: 0
  • Overall deaths: 68
  • Hospitalizations today: 14


  • Number of new confirmed cases: 621
  • Number of probables: 13,435
  • Number of confirmed cases in last 14 days: 4,583
  • Total confirmed since pandemic began: 62,572
  • Number of active cases: 4,153
  • New deaths: 0
  • Overall deaths: 858
  • Hospitalizations today: 198

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Wow. That's one in a hundred. Right now. Today. That means you likely know someone who is sick. Preventable... smh


How many cases of influenza today? How many total deaths today? How many of the 78 COVID patients are hospitalized? How many of the hospitalizations are from obese patients? What is the percentage of deaths above the life expectancy? These raw numbers are pretty useless without context...


What is the percentage of deaths above the life expectancy? Really?? So these folks have died but hey, they beat the odds. They lived longer than they should. Their families should just be grateful they lived that long!! "Grandma's dead kids. But it's ok. Don't cry. jill from the News Record comment section pointed out that she lived past her life expectancy. Cowboy up now!"


So jill you think if people are obese or have an underlying condition and get Covid because YOU refuse to get vaccinated or wear a mask it's no big deal. I happen to personally know three people who have recently died of Covid, they should be alive today. Flu season has not really started yet that's why cases have not been reported.


I'm forced to subsidize their health insurance, why shouldn't they take one for the team?

The gardener

So Ka12, you’re suggesting that we should be vaccinated and wear masks to prevent others from getting Covid?? If vaccines and masks are effective, that should be the protocol for those in fear, and don’t demand that the rest of us take your vaccine and mask up. Stop trying to control us.


No gardener that's not what I'm suggesting. I would like to have a hospital bed and staff available to treat me in case I get a breakthrough infection, or a heart attack, or a car accident. Since some of you refuse to get vaccinated or wear a mask you are taking up all the ICU beds.

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