Those holding public office or running for elected positions in Campbell County have more at stake this election season.

Campbell County commissioners voted 4-to-1 this week in favor of raises for elected officials, upping the highest such salary to $145,000, the highest allowed by Wyoming statute. However, they agreed to keep their own $37,500 part-time salaries the same.

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I have never agreed that our elected officials should make 6 figures but to see this pay increase is very disheartening and not a good use of tax payer dollars.


As a retired county employee I think our elected officials deserved a raise. We need to attract qualified elected officials to run the country. I am not as concerned about the Commissioners, we can't even begin to pay them for the hard work they choose to do for the betterment of the county. The sad part of all politics is that the person who is running for an office usually has a successful business or retired. They usually bring a wealth of knowledge. The average person, with knowledge and skills can't afford to run. They have family responsibilities. When you look at what has to be spent to run for office successfully it is dad to me. Also, the nastiness that public figures and their families are often subjected to discourages many from offering their knowledge, skilld, and leadership to the city, county, state, much less nationally. I feel we are often left we medicore candidates amd the lesser of two evils. The personal attracks are hard on families. The social media has diminished our most qualified potential

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