Beginning Sept. 10, the News Record will publish only a digital edition on Mondays.

The move to a five-day-a-week print edition comes amid rising newsprint costs because of a tariff on Canadian newsprint, as well as declining readership and advertising on Mondays.

We will have a news report on Monday. And as it is with other days of the week, those who subscribe to the print edition have free access to the online edition. The news reporting continues, it will just come in a different form.

We understand that many of our readers prefer to read the print edition of the News Record rather than mess with computers or phones for their news reports. We’re glad they do.

But newsprint costs have increased by 30 percent since the beginning of the year because of tariffs the Trump administration has imposed on Canadian suppliers.

It’s our second-highest cost and choices had to be made. We chose to continue our commitment to deliver the news to you every day, but to change the delivery method on Mondays.

In reaching the decision, the News Record joins many other newspapers nationwide in emphasizing their digital editions rather than print on Mondays. Two others in the region with similar announcements in the past few weeks are the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel in Colorado and the Daily Republic in Mitchell, South Dakota. Others preceeded them. It is a sure bet that more will follow.

Online on Mondays, you’ll find the blotter, crime and court stories, governmental coverage, sports and stories about events and people in the community just as you would in print. That is our commitment to our readers, which hasn’t wavered since this operation began in 1904.

If you have trouble accessing your digital News Record, our circulation staff can walk you through it. Please call them at 307-682-9306, ext. 7.

In asking you to change with us, we hope that you also will contact us with any feedback or suggestions for content in print or online. Please call Editor Ann Turner at 307-682-9306, ext. 203, or email

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