A group of residents expressed their frustrations with the library during a public comment period at the Campbell County Commissioners meeting Wednesday.

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I agree, why is the book available at the library, but is not appropriate to be read at the county commission meeting? As far as the library employees, most very library in the US is staffed by liberals!

Larry Reilly

The few people objecting to books will not be happy until they can burn books. Sad commentary in this country today, looks like Germany in 1940.

The gardener

Sounds like Darcy Acord needs to go. If a book is too lewd to be read at a commissioners meeting, It doesn't belong in a youth or teen section of the library. Put it in the adult or pornography section. If an adult wants their kid to read it, let them check it out and take it home. Sorry Liberals, that's not even close to book burning.


Yep Rezident, liberals gave us books, art, education, and science. Conservatives seem to have contributed conspiracy theories, religious zealots, and Nascar.

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