School trustees were the latest of local public boards to hear complaints about LGBTQ issues Tuesday night.

The public comments portion of the Campbell County School District meeting looked familiar to any who have followed the ongoing tension between community members and the Campbell County Public Library over materials those community members deem unacceptable due to the presence of LGBTQ issues.

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These clowns represent the absolute worst in pseudo-intellectualism. Scientifically iliterate and devoid of critical thought, yet convinced they know more than anyone else in the community. If they weren't such a pathetic laughingstock, I'd almost say they were dangerous.


Here is a danger from group; when they come off with hateful ideas and cherry picked evidence to support their ideas, kids see it is okay to act like that. Kids start acting more spiteful toward their LGBTQ peers. So a group that is traditional marginalized and bullied gets more flak thrown at them. That just pushes someone closer to the edge.

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