The Campbell County School District hopes to offer in-house COVID-19 testing as soon as it’s able to secure some tests.

Currently, the district does not have any testing capacity. A student or staff member who wanted to be tested would have to rely on the wider community testing options, like Campbell County Public Health or Campbell County Hospital’s drive-thru testing.

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Why is the school going into the medical business? If I understand this article correctly, if the student takes a test at school, no matter what the results are, they have to go get a second test. If that is correct, what is the purpose and more importantly, what is the cost of this program? Let’s leave the medical end with the medical professionals and the education to the education professionals.


This is simply one more more situation where the School District steps up and tries to do everything possible... for the benefit of children and their parents!!! Kind of like getting involved with the transportation business (bussing) and the food service business (school lunch and breakfast), the daycare business (before and after school childcare programs), the life saving business (swimming), and the list could go on and on. When I was an elementary student, it was the parent's responsibility for supervising their children before and after school, cooking breakfast for their child, and teaching them how to swim. Maybe we should all be just a little more thankful for our School District stepping up and doing it's very best to provide additional services to assist and support parents!!! Quit whining and show some appreciation!!!!!!!


Assist and support? This is indoctrination to the teat of the state. We are teaching our children that only the "gov't" can save them, parents are obsolete. Do you not see what is happening? Society is being rebuilt in front of our own eyes and all you do is cheer it? I think I finally understand how the atrocities throughout history were committed; look up Judas goat....


Chill out jill, you're going to give yourself a brain hemorrhage.

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