Banned books

News Record Photo/Mike Moore

A banned books display is featured at the Campbell County Public Library in celebration of Banned Books Week, which runs through Saturday.

During a week design to focus on books being challenged for being inappropriate, the staff at the Campbell County Public Library were spending some of their time responding to more than a dozen forms challenging books in the library’s collection.

Saturday is the final day of Banned Book Week, a national event that takes place each year in the last week of September and spotlights current and historical attempts to censor books in libraries and schools.

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Larry Reilly

It is interesting that the most strident Covid vaccine refusers are also the most strident to demand full censorship for public libraries. Mot much hope for America going forward is there?

Cap'n Bumbleguts

It should come as no suprise that scientifically illiterate people are also culturally illiterate.


Explain this logic: "There are some people who want the books to be removed, and there are some who want them to remain, Shelstad said. The simple fix would be to “just move those books. That fits everybody’s needs.”"

The gardener

That's been my position all along. The question is where in the library they belong. If people object to them being in the children's or teen's section, move em to the adults. If you as a parent want your child to read it, check it out, take it home and let your kid read it. That's your call.


Logically thinking here the books in question are books of use to teenagers so stands to reason they should be in the teen section. If you think moving them to the adult section solves the problem you miss the point that any teenager can look the book up in the library catalog and check it out no matter where in the building it is hidden away. These fanatics have now made some probably completely obscure books top on the reading list of the entire teen population. Parents should be responsible for monitoring their kids reading material and no one else.

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