Campbell County Commissioners voted against using federal dollars for an educational campaign about the COVID-19 vaccine, with one commissioner worried that the campaign would be veering into the territory of vaccine mandates.

At their regular meeting Tuesday, Campbell County Public Health Director Jane Glaser presented contracts with two companies — Sylvestri Customization and OC Equity — for vaccine outreach and education.

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Would it be possible to educate some of our county commissioners? Your stupid is showing.

The gardener

Actually their genius is showing. They don't support the current propaganda program. I just read that "The FDA, in response to a freedom of information request has asked a federal judge to give them 55 years to release data related to the Pfizer COVID vaccines". That doesn't make sense. People are being told to take a vaccine that the FDA is concealing information on. Why??


Can the funds be donated to CCH for patient care?


You know what might convince me to take the shot...restoring civil liability to the company or companies which manufacture this so-called "wonder drug". These paltry cash incentives are not even close to covering the potential medical bills if there is an adverse reaction. But of course, that's not even on the table for discussion since our "leaders" are owned by the pharmaceutical companies. If the vaccines are as safe and effective as they claim I can only conclude they are either lying or simply afraid...

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