The Gillette Community College District trustees joined the Wyoming wave of backlash against the Economic Development Administration after the agency did not approve any grant applications submitted by the Cowboy State.

Wyoming whiffed on its EDA grant applications intended to aid communities recovering from the pandemic, including coal-impacted communities like Campbell County. The EDA decisions drew the ire of Gov. Mark Gordon and the state’s federal delegates when the finalists were announced this week.

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I hope we find out why no grants were given to any group in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota.


Isn't it obvious yet? There is an unbridgeable divide in our country...we need a peaceful divorce. "They" find our views and way of life abhorrent, and frankly, I feel the same about their God-less hedonism as well... I think we would all be happier if we were not ruled by each other, we can split up the US and be allies, but not rulers of each other...or just bring back Federalism, but that's a pipe dream...

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