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Cross-section of voters brings perspective to potentially historic election

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While 2020 may be historically remembered as the "Year of COVID-19," it also should be as the year America regained its passion for the electoral process.

After decades of lamenting low voter turnout numbers after primary and general elections, Tuesday's presidential election has all the makings to be record-setting on many levels.

Kaitlynn McKinsey

Thunder Basin High School student Kaitlynn McKinsey turned 18 just two weeks before the 2020 election, and will cast her first ballot in an election this year.

Shelby Bachtold

Republican Shelby Bachtold said she will once again vote for Donald Trump, considering a vote for him as a vote that will aid her family and energy-reliant Campbell County.

Lucas Fralick

Lucas Fralick, a local Democrat and a national committeeman for the Wyoming Democratic Party, said President Donald Trump has done some good things during his time in office, but also hasn’t acted entirely as a president should.

Samara Jenkins

First United Methodist Church Pastor Samara Jenkins looks out a window in her home Tuesday afternoon.

Tyson Olsen

Tyson Olsen, 24, holds his 9-month-old son Alexander on the kitchen table Wednesday afternoon. Olsen said he will vote third-party this election as neither Trump nor Biden have swayed him.

James Pyke

James Pyke, who works as a service rig operator, is afraid that if former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden is elected as the 46th president, he will be out of a job.

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What a great article for this time in our lives. Many different opinions and thoughts as to the future of the country. I hope that once this election is over no matter who wins that we can get back to civil unity as Americans. The best thing about this election is that it has made more people aware that your voice matters, your vote matters.

To those who are afraid of losing your job in the energy industry if Joe Biden wins, I understand your pain. I owe a lot to the oil and gas industry as that was where I worked for the last 15 years of my career. Joe Biden is not going to immediately plug every oil well. While coal will never come back to the levels we once enjoyed oil will be with us for a long time. Joe wants to transition us away from fossil fuel use as pollutants to alternative energy sources but we will always need oil for manufacturing so many of the things used in our daily lives. Even windmills require oil products. There are many new good jobs in Joe Biden's plans for the future. Let's have hope.

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