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City to lease land at 'Field of Dreams' to CCSD for new Aquatic Center

The Energy Capital Sports Complex will soon be adding a new sports venue in the not-too-distant future.

The new Campbell County School District’s Aquatic Center is going to be built inside the “Field of Dreams.”

Aquatic Center rendering

A computer rendering of what the new Campbell County Aquatic Center could look like.

Aquatics Center

Carie Bush kicks off from the wall at the Campbell County Aquatic Center with her class of first graders from Lakeview Elementary in 2019.

Aquatics Center

Paisley Clymer, 8, floats on her back during a swimming lesson for second-graders at the Aquatics Center in 2019.

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Meanwhile, Campbell County High School is literally falling apart.


What an absolute disgrace! Who is making these foolish budget decisions? Has anyone been to CCHS in the last 20 years? We need to focus on fixing what we already have, CC and Gillette do not have unlimited money contrary to popular belief, especially with the followers of the Church of Climate Change's war against coal...


You should blame the Church of Economic Reality, since coal's demise is more a result of power plants opting to use natural gas which is cheaper than coal. And you might also contact your state Republican representatives about why they refuse to fund school district needs.

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