The tightened-up restrictions on visitation for residents at the Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center have been extended after another positive COVID-19 test was detected in last week’s routine testing of staff and residents.

The soonest the facility could resume in-person visitation and group gatherings among residents is now July 26.

Campbell County Health no longer identifies whether new cases detected through routine testing are of staff or residents.

The ongoing restrictions have been in place since May 25.

After opening its doors to in-person visitation March 17 for residents after more than a year of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, the facility has spent more time with heightened restrictions than without them.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services outbreak protocol calls for the restrictions when one or more positive COVID-19 case is detected in association with a long-term care facility, such as residents, employees, volunteers or contractors who enter the building.

The Legacy needs to go two consecutive weeks without any new cases to bring back in-person visitation and group activities.

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Nobody cares in Gillette about the people who continue to suffer in lockdown. Outa sight....outa mind. This blatant disregard for resident rights is celebrated by all the unvaccinated staff. As long as they can exercise their right to defy science, the residents will continue to suffer in isolation. If ya work in health care, get a vax. This is an outrage to all the beautiful residents and families locked in or out of the legacy. Something has to give here....but we know it wont be this community. Pathetic


One would hope that after Covid 19 vaccinations go through the proper protocols for approval for all vaccines the rate at which people choose to be vaccinated will increase.


If millions of people over the past year all over the world can take the vaccine with very few issues I think it is proven safe and effective enough. The fact that people in certain parts of the country continue to refuse to get the vaccine is purely political and no amount of FDA approval is going to change that. Healthcare workers should be required to have the vaccine or find another job.

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