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Library board chair Sage Bear speaks to other board members as they read through the library’s current collection policy during a public meeting Thursday at the Campbell County Public Library in Gillette. Bear proposed adding language to the policy to prohibit obscene materials from being added to the library.

Next week, the Campbell County Public Library Board will be going over proposed changes to the library’s collection development policy. The suggested revisions were created by a Florida-based attorney affiliated with a national nonprofit organization.

But at least one board member has concerns about the proposal.

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How about this. Keep sex education in a library section. Pornography out of the Library. Also please do not use the word Christianity as a ploy to get your way. Too personal and individual. Make the rules with common sense and let the employees monitor the results. The board can measure this and make good decisions at the Local level. No outside influences needed.

Marie Sneed

I think that this new way of present this Library's argument is about know how to know or be engaged with a Community's needs. I know for fact that this Commu`its has intelligent people. However, the Public Library board of Director seems tome to be causing members to be concerned about their Professional role in a City of Gillette norms... somebody needs to comes to a rerm so that we can feel comfortable to go to a City Library without feared labe.ed which may apply todiscriminating or experience a se.ective title such as "White color or B.ue" which describes people, from Campbell County professional status!

I pray that someone can be capb.le of sees these issues as a matter that may be resolved in Court? It is my thinking. This becomes a problem due to disregarding others to comes together and compromised. We the People deserve to be treated better courtesy of the Red White and Blue! Furthermore, most of people from Campbell County are Voters and may because of their rights to see it as fit a city of Liberty to all! United We Stand. So be it!

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