Bill Fortner

Bill Fortner

Some county residents are concerned that Wyoming citizens’ rights to form a militia are being heavily limited by state and federal government.

Bill Fortner, a former state representative, along with former political candidates Larry Williamson and Jacob Dalby, presented a petition to the Campbell County Commissioners Wednesday.

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Ponders under what circumstances would I need to put together a militia....




Wow, some people are really getting carried away. Amazing, I don't know what Mr. Fortner is trying to prove, but it's a little crazy already without anybody's help.


These ‘constitutional scholars’ may have studied the Whiskey rebellion. On August 7, 1794, in response to the Whiskey Rebellion, George Washington (rumored to be a constitutional scholar in some quarters) issued a proclamation condemning "combinations" to prevent the execution of federal laws and accusing the insurgents of treason for levying war against the United States. He subsequently crushed the rebellion with 15,000 state militiamen. Afterwards, two rebels were arrested and convicted of high treason, but President Washington pardoned both on the grounds that one was simple minded and the other was insane. Maybe being seen as a little ‘nutty’ is a wise move for would be revolutionaries.


Let's see now, militia members in Michigan are sitting in jail for try to kidnap the governor. Militia members from around the country are sitting in prison for trying to overthrow the government on January 6. I think the militia members with all their guns are in the right places. Normal people make changes to their government by voting and then abiding by the outcome of the election.


Why don't Fortner, Williamson, and Dalby do a roadtrip together and hand their petition to the governor themselves. I'm not sure that our Campbell County Commissioners would be representing our county properly by sharing such information as representatives of the people of Campbell County. I believe these individuals all ran for a variety of offices to represent Campbell County and let's see... all 3 lost!!! It seems very clear that Campbell County does not think that these 3 should be speaking for our citizens. No need to be sore losers. Share your opinions and philosophies with each other, but nobody else cares to listen to you.



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