An international event with an attendance close to twice the population of Gillette will come to Cam-plex in 2024, and local officials already are preparing for it.

Cam-plex officials are proposing to put an outdoor amphitheater at Cam-plex Park for the International Pathfinder Camporee, an event put on by the Seventh-day Adventist church every five years. It will be in Gillette in August 2024 and is expected to draw at least 55,000 people and bring in $25 million in economic impact.

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Please build a large number of permanent restrooms by the amphitheater, scattered around, not all in one place!!I I know you'll bring in portable restrooms as well but permanent restrooms will just add more value to the location!


What a great idea! Let's build even MORE facilities we can't afford to's almost like the people in charge have no clue that Gillette and CC are not going to recover from the "war on coal" among others...but yes, let's keep burying our heads in the sand and waste even more money on pet projects and kickbacks...disgusting.


How does the "International Pathfinder Camporee, an event put on by the Seventh-day Adventist church" qualify as Recreation? Especially considering it will apparently be for 2 weeks? It would seem that using it will severely interfere with those that use the Camplex park for actual recreation. Stuffing 55,000 people into 45 acres even on a rotating basis will severely interfere with any recreational use. Based on this I wonder if the Commissioners will honor any contract they sign for the county??

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