This year is slowly shaping up to be more active with events in Campbell County.

It is too early to predict what will happen with the COVID-19 pandemic, health guidelines or how people will feel about traveling and attending events throughout the year. But there are promoters in and outside Gillette who are planning to put on their events — at least in the early months of 2021 — even if how the events go off may look different than in years past.

AJ's Magic Academy

AJ Longhurst teaches the kids in his magic class a lesson in confidence as he has them stand tall in their "superhero pose," at the AJ's Magic Class, Unlocking the Mystery of the Green Wand at Cam-plex on Saturday.

Chuckle for Charaties

Tracy Mathews performs standup at last year’s Chuckle for Charities benefit. Gillette Abuse Refuge Foundation Executive Director Margie McWilliams has submitted a public health variance to hold its annual fundraiser Feb. 27.

Dad & Daughter Ball

Kris Hunter lifts up his daughter Sydney, 5, as they dance at last year’s Dad and Daughter Ball at Cam-plex. Although COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on events for local groups and nonprifits, many are optimistic to hold them in the New Year.

Dad & daughter dance

Shelby Gall places a cowboy hat on her dad, Tim Gall, as they finish getting ready for the 2019 Dad and Daughter Dance.

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