CODY (WNE) — A 90-year-old Cody woman was robbed of more than $25,000 in 2018, a crime to which her granddaughter has pleaded guilty.

On Sept. 4, Circuit Court Judge Bruce Waters ordered Crystal Gwynn, 34, to pay $25,004.48 in restitution to her grandmother Mildred Krasovich for reckless exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Gwynn is a resident of Whitney, Texas, about 74 miles south of Dallas, but was made a primary agent to her grandmother’s finances when Krasovich established a durable power of attorney status on her banking account in 2016. Her boyfriend Thomas Conroy was listed as a secondary agent, according to the Cody police affidavit.

In June 2018, Gwynn was issued a debit card that gave her direct access to draw from Krasovich’s account. For the next five months, she proceeded to draw $24,644.79 off the account, with one withdrawal as large as $12,500.

“Crystal did not exercise her fiduciary responsibility as her grandmother’s agent with the … money but diverted the funds to her own use,” detective Richard Tillery said.

Krasovich was a patient at the Cody Regional Health Long-Term Care Center during the transactions, with her mobile home at Parkway RV Campground unoccupied. Gwynn had been added to the bank account – to Krasovich’s knowledge – for the purpose of paying her grandmother’s bills while in care, Tillery said.

Gwynn will also serve one year unsupervised probation and was given a 364-day suspended jail sentence, which could be imposed if she commits another crime.

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