CASPER (WNE) — A federal judge on Monday ordered two men to repay $100,000 and serve 20 months each in prison for operating an ATM fraud conspiracy in Wyoming.

The two men — Vasile F. Grutoiu and Ionut Manea — also agreed to turn over a device that can be used to read and write credit card information on the cards’ characteristic strips. Although the two men were residents of Los Angeles at the time of their arrest, they are not American citizens and will likely be deported after they serve their sentences.

Casper police arrested the two men in December at an east Casper hotel and drafted court documents alleging the men stole more than $60,000 from Wyoming ATMs, including $35,000 in Natrona County. In federal court documents filed 11 days after the arrests, prosecutors accused the two men of stealing about $20,000 from a Casper ATM.

Although investigators initially thought Grutoiu was named Michael Voss, matching a Danish passport in the hotel room, a homeland security investigator later determined his identity with fingerprint matching. Court documents state Grutoiu was wanted on an Interpol warrant at the time of his arrest, but neither his name nor his aliases are listed in a publicly available list of people wanted in one of the agency’s member countries.

Grutoiu and Manea used the small device to put stolen account information on credit cards, then used the counterfeit cards to withdraw money from Wyoming ATMs.

Publicly available documents do not specify all of the banks to which Grutoiu and Manea will pay their total of $101,823 restitution, but among them is a Laramie credit union.


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