CHEYENNE (WNE) — An attorney representing the Laramie County Fair Board said she intends to appeal a district judge’s ruling that Laramie County commissioners were within their authority to dissolve the board.

Attorney Gay Woodhouse told the Wyoming Tribune Eagle late Wednesday she will soon file an appeal of District Court Judge Thomas Campbell’s decision and take the issue to the Wyoming Supreme Court.

“We disagree with the judge’s decision,” Woodhouse said. “We have a specific reason why we don’t think the case that he relied on applied to this matter.”

The County Commission in November voted to dismiss the independent volunteer board, arguing a new events department run by professionals could better oversee the Archer Complex, its new $9.9 million events center and other county recreation.

But fair board members objected and took the case to court, saying it was an overreach and a power grab by commissioners.

In the ruling issued earlier this month, Campbell stated, “The county commissioners possess the implied power to dissolve a board that they were granted the power to create. This is necessarily and fairly implied from, and incident to, their express power to create the Board in the first instance.”

In a news release Woodhouse said, “Commissioners had the power to create the board, but (state statute) specifically limits the power to abolish when it states ‘The board has perpetual existence and it is not necessary to file any certificate other than that filed upon original organization.’”

She added that “the Fair Board maintains that the Laramie County Commissioners cannot ignore a statutory mandate that the Laramie County Fair Board exist perpetually.”

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