SHERIDAN (WNE) — What started as a simple knee surgery resulted in lifelong damages, according to Neal R. Schuman and those representing him in a civil lawsuit against Sheridan Memorial Hospital for negligence and medical malpractice.

According to the complaint filed by Schuman’s counsel, Schuman went in for knee replacement surgery July 2015.

After the surgery, Schuman faced complications with constipation, and a nurse performed an enema on Schuman after he said it hurt and asked her to stop the procedure. Court documents said during the procedure the administering nurse caused serious medical complications and that from July 30, 2015, to Aug. 6, 2015, the trauma caused by the enema went untreated. On July 31, Schuman was taken to the intensive care unit for his worsening condition.

On Aug. 6, more medical issues were discovered and surgery was scheduled. Court documents state that a diverting colostomy was necessary and, because of the emergent nature of the surgery, it was performed without Schuman’s informed consent. He also faced what the complaint describes as a life-threatening form of Fournier’s gangrene.

Court documents state that on Aug. 6, 8, 10 and 12, SMH conducted surgeries to remove damaged tissue from the man’s wounds.

Schuman now must carry a colostomy bag with him at all times.

The complaint said the administering nurse directly contributed to and caused Schuman’s injuries relating to the extent of the infection that led to the ultimate outcome. Counsel claims the nurse failed to accurately document Schuman’s conditions and did not seek the intervention of a physician.

The documents also claim the physician failed to investigate and treat the infection and damage caused by the enema.

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