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GREYBULL (WNE) — A handful of Greybull Middle School students and the Greybull Police Department assisted in the arrest of a male juvenile who threatened to shoot up Greybull High School.

In a group Snapchat conversation where participants played games and shared pictures with one another, a group of eighth grade students from Greybull was shocked when one boy sent a photo of GHS with the caption “I’m gonna come shoot up the school.”

Over the course of Monday evening, the juvenile sent more messages, threatening to drive 23 hours to shoot up the high school. The students grew concerned and told their parents, who reached out to the GPD to report the threats.

“These eighth graders— I’m telling you, they were awesome. They all banded together, they started talking to my sergeant who questioned them after it was reported to us,” said Greybull Police Chief Bill Brenner.

The department notified school officials late Monday night, including Superintendent Mark Fritz and GHS Principal Ty Flock, who prepared to put out an all-call early the next morning.

According to Fritz, the GPD got people involved who needed to be involved and worked through the night.

Sgt. Mark Dewees discovered the juvenile making threats lived in Switzerland County, Indiana.

Switzerland County officials had previously received a bomb threat directed at a local school that shared similarities to the threat against Greybull High School.

Dewees gave the authorities the juvenile’s name and by Tuesday morning, they had taken the 14-year-old male into custody.

“He’s facing terroristic felony threat charges. They’re going to go ahead and charge him back there,” Brenner reported.

This story was published on Sept. 15, 2022.

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Awesome! Thank you, students, for taking action!

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