SHERIDAN (WNE) — Big Horn Elementary hosted its fourth annual egg drop Tuesday afternoon, utilizing Facebook Live to broadcast the event.

Every BHE student was eligible to design a device that allowed an egg to survive a drop from the roof above the front entrance at BHE.

Devices could not measure more than 12 inches in width, depth or height and materials binding the eggshell together as duct tape or super glue are not allowed on the egg. Parachutes were not allowed, either, and students supplied their own raw egg. Teachers inspect eggs after a successful drop to make sure they were not hard-boiled.

A variety of materials were used this year, and each year becomes more creative, said BHE Principal Kathy Powers. One surviving egg was placed inside a jar of peanut butter, wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside a box.

Another egg was suspended in a bowl of jello that exploded once it hit the ground. The egg almost survived but there was a small crack that broke the membrane of the egg.

Powers said the goal was to have students think like scientists, creating a hypothesis about what will allow the egg to survive or observing materials that could possibly protect the egg, she said.

Before each device was dropped, Powers read an explanation on why students chose their materials for the device, and scientific thinking was evident in the descriptions.

Multiple eggs survived the fall, and weight was used to determine to break the tie, with the lightest device winning.

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