LARAMIE (WNE) — A defunct Laramie car dealership, Snowy Range Dodge, has filed a lawsuit against Nissan, which has claimed the Laramie dealership has about $6.8 million in unpaid debt.

In October, a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order against Snowy Range Dodge, barring owner Josh Griffin from “encumbering, transferring, spending, removing, or otherwise disposing of, damaging, altering, or impairing, account funds, whether in the form of a check, withdrawal, transfer or otherwise, without the written consent of (Nissan) or until further order of this court.”

However, JAG Auto now claims Nissan owes the Laramie dealership more money than JAG Auto owes.

The dealership’s owner, JAG Auto, is alleged to have sold Nissan vehicles without paying the car manufacturer for the product.

Griffin’s business is now represented by Laramie attorney Phil Nicholas, who’s now filed a counter-lawsuit against Nissan in Albany County’s district court.

JAG Auto now seeks to deposit remaining account funds with Albany County’s Clerk of District Court until the case is resolved.

Griffin contends that his default on loans under his “floor plan financing” agreement, which allowed JAG Auto to acquire an inventory of new and used vehicles without pre-paying for them, came only because of Nissan’s “breach of contract and breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing.”

With Nissan’s permission, Griffin’s substantially increased Snowy Range Dodge’s used car inventory in Laramie about a year ago. However, Nicholas said that Nissan then quickly demanded that JAG Auto liquidate its recently purchased vehicles at auction at below-wholesale prices.

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