JACKSON (WNE) — After a January Second Amendment rally on Town Square, some gun rights advocates have begun calling for firearm protections in Teton County.

“The storm is approaching from the east and the west,” Bob Culver of the Jackson Hole Tea Party said, addressing commissioners in March. “It will get here.”

Culver said a wave of anti-gun sentiment and regulation fomenting on the coasts will eventually reach Wyoming. To stem that tide, he and the Tea Party asked commissioners to discuss and ultimately pass a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution. That would affirm the county’s commitment to upholding gun rights in the face of a perceived threat of firearm restrictions at a state and federal level. If the county did so, it would join municipalities across the country that have adopted ordinances refusing to enforce firearm rule-making viewed as an infringement on the second amendment.

The measure, however, is not likely to gain traction locally.

Teton County Board of County Commissioners Chair Natalia D. Macker said elected officials weren’t intending to consider the Tea Party’s resolution.

“I don’t see it being put on an agenda,” she said. “It’s a very charged subject, obviously.”

The Teton County GOP did discuss the proposal but decided not to pass it internally because a similar, statewide bill dubbed the Second Amendment Preservation Act was moving through the Wyoming legislature.

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2nd Amendment Sanctuaries Threaten Gun Rights


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