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CHEYENNE (WNE) —Republican U.S. House of Representatives primary winner Harriet Hageman has declined an invitation to debate Democratic contender Lynnette GreyBull next month.

WyomingPBS confirmed Monday that officials had provided two dates in October for Hageman to participate in the general election debate, and she declined both.

For the first date, she said there was a scheduling conflict, and when given a second available date, Hageman said she would not participate at all.

“Since announcing her candidacy, Harriet Hageman has traveled over 40,000 miles across Wyoming, held more than 200 events and spoken with thousands of voters. This is a much more effective way of communicating with Wyomingites, and it’s how she will continue,” her campaign responded in a statement. “We thank you for your invitation, but respectfully decline.”

Democratic primary winner GreyBull said Hageman’s decision not to join her on the debate stage showed a lack of dedication to her role as a representative.

She said it’s a tactic of the privileged class not to participate in debates and not to have an open dialogue about issues concerning Wyomingites. She said constituents deserve to hear Hageman’s plan for the state and compare them to the position GreyBull has on various issues.

“I do hope she would consider changing her mind,” GreyBull said.

WyomingPBS Senior Producer for Public Affairs Steve Peck told the Wyoming Tribune Eagle it was disappointing that Hageman was not going to take part, because the debates are a key component in educating constituents.

He said WyomingPBS had been hosting the live statewide debates for many years, and noted that Hageman took part in the Republican primary debate earlier this year.

This story was published on Sept. 13, 2022.

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Harriet Hageman is too afraid to debate somebody that may just be much better at debate and, has much, much better ideas of ways to counter the hate and political discourse that exists in Wyoming. I am not surprised because she will continue to ride on the coat tail of fellow politicians and, her political supporter, or supporters.

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