CHEYENNE (WNE) – Eleven Laramie County Community College students have tested positive for COVID-19, and two of those students are exhibiting symptoms, according to college officials.

By direction of the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department, the college has placed 32 students in quarantine both on and off campus. There are no reported active cases among employees, but two employees are quarantining based on health department recommendations, according to a news release sent out Thursday.

“It was kind of inevitable, though we didn’t think it would come this quickly,” President Joe Schaffer told the LCCC Board of Trustees at a meeting Wednesday night. “As we are testing broadly and frequently, we are going to continue to pick these cases up.”

LCCC reopened for limited in-person instruction a couple of weeks ago, though most classes are being taught online. Everyone who comes on campus, however, must wear masks and adhere to social distancing protocols outlined by the college.

“We tested a handful of people who were most likely to be impacted (last) Thursday, and then made the decision to test everybody (last) Friday,” Schaffer said. Last Friday, the college reported two positive cases, but has since tested more than 200 students living in the residence halls.

Schaffer said the college will continue to test “broadly and frequently” to identify additional cases and intends to retest all students living on campus again late next week.

“From there, hopefully we’ll just go into surveillance testing, where we just test a portion of students to try to catch these asymptomatic individuals.”

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