RIVERTON (WNE) — A baby boy was placed in foster care earlier this year after medical professionals found reason to suspect one or both of his parents of abuse.

After a lengthy investigation, both parents were charged with child abuse last week and could face up to 40 years in prison, each.

The infant's father, Ronnie J. Reece (born 1999), and mother, Kylen M. Jenkins (born 1998), both of Riverton, attracted the scrutiny of medical staff at the Children's Hospital of Colorado when their baby, identified in court documents as R.J.R., was diagnosed with abnormal injuries after an apparent lifetime of malnourishment.

Born Nov. 25, 2018, the infant weighed 7 pounds at his 10-day wellness check and had no injuries. By his two-month checkup, however, R.J.R. had fallen under the first percentile for weight on wellness charts.

His breathing passages were marked as abnormal at that time due to a nose injury, and the family was referred to the Children's Hospital in Denver for urgent surgical consultation.

While preparing the infant for surgery, doctors discovered broken ribs, broken arm bones, and a tear of the frenulum - or skin that connects the top lip to the upper jaw - as well as the previously identified nasal mass that had made it difficult for the child to eat.

R.J.R. had a total of 13 broken bones.

During R.J.R.'s treatment in Denver, hospital staff had repeatedly reported concerns about the parents' "lack of interest, lack of consoling the child, lack of knowledge and appropriate feeding amounts, even disregard to diaper changes," according to court documents.

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