Erin Kristin Richards, 50, was born in Duncan, Oklahoma, to Philip and Carol Richards on Dec. 26, 1970, and passed away Monday, April 5, 2021, in Gillette.

Erin lived in many states while she was growing up: Oklahoma, Missouri, Maine, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana. She loved spending time with her father and attending church.

In 1994, Erin was blessed with the birth of her daughter, Kristin Nichoal, and once again in 1995 with her son, Greg. The lights in Erin’s life were her children.

She was the best mother and would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need. Even when handed a tough hand, she made sure her children were protected and well taken care of, as well as making her famous jambalaya and gumbo.

Right up until her passing, Erin always made it a point to tell her children how proud they made her. She made sure that her children knew they were loved.

Erin was hardworking and would do whatever it took to see her children smile. She was gentle, kind and loving. She was their hero, their everything. Any time with their Mom was spent creating good memories.

After hurricane Katrina in 2005, Erin moved from Louisiana to Gillette to find work and make a home with her children.

In 2014, Erin received the best gift of becoming a grandma, or “Peepaa” as the kids called her. She was "Peepaa" to six beautiful and wonderful grandchildren, Myrah Nichoal, Cylus Ryan, Dawson Nevaeh, Nova and Kasyn. Her grandchildren meant the world to her and it showed by her unconditional love.

She is survived by her daughter, Kristin (Denali) of Naples, Utah; son, Greg Lee (Robyn) of Gillette; and brothers, Marc Richards, Jason Richards, Jeff Richards, Michael Richards and William Richards.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Philip and Carol Richards.

Erin will be remembered through the smiles of her grandchildren, the strong will of her children and the love that she shared with everyone.

Memorials and condolences may be sent to Kristin Hutt, 1350 S 1900 E, Naples, UT 84078.

Condolences also may be expressed at

This paid obituary was provided by family and friends.

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