WASHINGTON — Just days after taking office, President Joe Biden made a solemn declaration: “America is back. Diplomacy is back at the center of our foreign policy,” and “we will repair our alliances and engage with the world once again.” More than seven months into his administration, the results are in: No U.S. president has done more damage to our alliances, or America’s standing in the world, in so short a time, as Biden has with his Afghanistan debacle.

At a virtual meeting of Group of Seven leaders last week, the Associated Press reports, Biden “clashed” with America’s closest allies, who pleaded with him to extend the artificial deadline he set for the U.S. withdrawal, noting that, according to the AP, “no country would be able to evacuate all their citizens and at-risk Afghan allies by the Aug. 31 deadline.” But Biden refused to budge.

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Larry Reilly

It's about time we had a President in America with the guts to clean out that 20 year fiasco in Afghanistan which cost us trillions of dollars and hundreds of American lives lost. Big thanks to President Biden!

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