Take notice, Wyoming. Two weeks ago, the Biden administration proposed a rule that, among other things, attempts to transform a long-standing grant program aimed at improving U.S. History and Civics education in K-12 into a push to divide our students and country.

The program is voluntary and prioritizes states that teach concepts rooted in Critical Race Theory, or CRT, for grant funding. Among others, it names the New York Times “1619 Project” and CRT theorist and author, Ibram X. Kendi. This is problematic for two reasons: (1) the federal government should not be pushing specific curriculum onto states and (2) it attempts to normalize controversial political theory as the foundation of K-12 History and Civics instruction.

Jillian Balow is Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction and a former teacher in the Campbell County School District.

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You say: “CRT teaches that the only way to change our racist ways is to become more racist, more discriminatory — especially against privileged white oppressors.”

Thank you so much for standing up for us privileged white oppressors. I was afraid the marauding BLM lynch mob would come for us like they did for Mike Pence on January sixth.

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