The same day coal miners gathered in Washington to ask President Trump and 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to save their jobs and pensions, 2020 Democrats touted their climate change policies at the CNN Town Hall, many of which would eliminate coal jobs without providing a replacement.

“We believe young people working in the mines should have a future, which by the way, if you live in Appalachia, are the best jobs in Appalachia,” United Mine Workers of American President Cecil Roberts said at a National Press Club event last week. “People are constantly saying, ‘Well, we’re just going to do away with these jobs.’ These miners have families at home. Retirees have pensions at risk. Most of them in Appalachia are worried about this ongoing debate. It’s hard for coal miners to have a voice in this country because many people look down their nose at us, what in the world could someone who mines coal have to say? And some people think maybe we should keep our mouth shut and get out of the way.”

Kate Patrick reports technology and finance news for

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