As Cloud Peak Energy Corp. continues through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, it’s becoming more clear that Campbell County and the state of Wyoming could likely be left on the hook for tens of millions of dollars.

After the coal-bed methane bust left counties unable to collect large chucks of unpaid production taxes and the state to plug thousands of orphaned wells, Wyoming lawmakers made quite a show of it. They harrumphed, grumbled and harangued a wide swath across the state politicking with vows to “fix” the problem so that other companies or industries couldn’t take advantage of regulations so industry-friendly that bankruptcy in the Cowboy State means a production permit also essentially comes with a “Get Out Of Taxes Free” card.

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Try owning the IRS $8.5 million in unpaid taxes, they'll throw you in jail in a heartbeat...why are we not throwing CloudPeak execs in jail? They had plenty of money to pay themselves undeserved and unearned bonuses. But it's business as usual in the USA, the crooks at the top make off with everything while us peons get stepped on once again.


It would have been nice for all employee to have received a year's salary retention bonus at the Execs wages wouldn't it? Do you think any of them considered turning it down? Yeah right! It might keep them from paying cash for another vehicle or buying yet another home somewhere. Instead, as usual, nothing for the employees actually earning the $$$$ for the company.

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