Time and time again, we see the disparity between the words our elected officials choose and their actions contradicting the message they’d like to project.

The latest example comes from the new Gillette mayor and City Council’s tenure. Less than two weeks on the job, the new regime has decided to dismiss their obligations to transparency that we’re all so sick of having to hold them to.

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As a 4th generation citizen and have served this community in appointed or elected roles since 1994, I have heard this argument many times.

It is so important to get elected out of day to day distractions when focusing on the future of the community. The Gillette News Record is always invited/noticed far in advance of the event. It is not illegal. Pony up the cash for a motel room. The reporters covering the event have plenty of time and technology to do their day to day jobs as we all have learned to do.

Using words like sneaky can only be termed correctly if the News Record reporter is not on site. It is always the choice of the Editor on which stories to cover. My experience has always been that the City, County, elected bend over backwards to help our News Paper in keeping their costs down, but more importantly, to let our citizens know how their elected are governing. My Grandfather owned the Buffalo Bulletin. We’ve had these discussions.


Being naturally frugal and great stewards of the people’s taxes I’m sure the mayor and council will pack a sack lunch, leave their cell phones and laptops at home to avoid distractions, take a borrowed school bus to Wright and hold their retreat at the spacious modern Wright town hall. Of course, in the spirit of reciprocity, the Wright mayor and council will be welcome to use the Gillette city’s palace for their future retreats. Anything more luxurious would be an unnecessary waste of Gillette’s limited resources that our ‘conservative’ leaders would not even consider.


From your lips to their ears

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