From the Sept. 13, 1977 News Record:

To the superstitious, Friday the 13th means bad luck, but for Gillette's radio station, KIML, that date signaled the start of an operation of 20 years old today. Station Manager Roy Mapel explains that KIML was started at a time when "small radio stations were popping up all over the country." Before that time, area residents had to twirl the dials of their large box radios in search of the distant station that would come in with the least static. The closest station was KWYO in Sheridan, but Gillette residents also listened to Billings and Denver stations. Tired of all the weather that did not apply and the local news that occurred miles away, Gillette residents banded together to buy the $1-a-share stock that provided the initial operating income for KIML. "Practically everybody in town owned part of it," Mapel chuckles. "Even high school students bought shares."

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