From the Sept. 15, 1927 News Record:

A job that had the plain earmarks of an amateur was pulled either Monday night or early Tuesday morning when culprits entered the Probst Shoe and Harness Shop and carried away the cash register. And to their disappointment, after they had hauled it behind the old Isis Theatre building and completely demolished it to get it open, the till was empty, only a few strings of beads being found in it. Nevertheless, Mr. Probst is out a good cash register. The culprits had entered the back door and carried the cash register out into the yard where tracks showed they loaded it into a cart and hauled it around to the rear of the Isis theatre building. The same night, the padlock on the outside mailbox at the post office was broken off and the box ransacked. This is a serious offense and will mean a long term for the parties who did this job if found guilty.

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