Isn’t it interesting that defending the rights of children to consume pornography and perversion is suddenly a constitutional right? At least according to those masquerading as defenders of our constitution at the library’s most recent board meeting last Monday. This is NOT about LGBTQ+ “communities;” although the porn defenders want us to agree it is. It’s not. It must be great to be a professional victim in search of sympathy. It’s not about religion either, although such persons enjoy attacking people of faith publicly and privately. It’s about common sense and age-appropriate material instead of lurid, perverse material that exploits children’s curiosity and innocence. It’s about our future as a society and a country.

Our constitutional freedom is not the freedom to pervert and traumatize minors; regardless of the smokescreen presented by the small, outrageously loud and obscene left raging against common sense while arguing for “rights” to exercise “freedom of speech” by insisting tax dollars be spent on extremely toxic material for little children.

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If you see an anatomy or psychology book as pornography and perversion, the problem is yours Mr. Bennett. Get your mind out of the gutter. Get off your soapbox and on your knees in prayer. If your God is truly the creator and redeemer of souls, he can surely take care of the problem – if there actually is a problem. Or do you lack the faith to do that?


You know darned well that he isn't talking about anatomy or psychology books. The books in question have been plastered all over facebook. If you think THOSE books are appropriate for young children, take your own advice and seek God's wisdom as you lack the wisdom to see what this is truly about.


Can’t do that. FaceBook is for people that don’t have a life but want the world to think they do. Obviously your little false god lives in Florida and I don’t have his phone number. So I can’t seek his wisdom either. I’ll stick with the bible which says “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” Hey! Your little clown show is actually in the Bible. No wonder you all are so proud and haughty.

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