An open letter to Mayor King.

Madam Mayor,

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Doug, he resigned. If he didn't agree to resign, he wouldn't have - his choice. Just like it was his choice to exercise his freedom of speech by liking those gross posts. Freedom of speech does not equate to freedom from consequences. The consequences for liking racist and sexist posts led to his choosing to resign. Do you really want a leader who agrees with, enjoys, takes pleasure in or identifies with those racist and sexist posts? When you like something, that is what you are publicly agreeing to. We should expect and demand better from our leadership and his choice to resign was the correct one.


Well Peak, he resigned with the understanding that the information wouldn't be revealed. The two faced council then printed the posts in question therefore not only creating dissatisfaction with those that elected Shay but the person who wrote the posts that Shay put like on. Totally unethical so are we going to hold the Mayor accountable for poor judgement. Furthermore there are others on the council that are more than likely hoping their closet doors stay closed. Everyone usually does something in their lifetime they regret and I myself am no exception. What the council did to Shay stinks to high heaven.


I see your point grabrick, it’s valid. I was coming from the point of view that Gillette is a small town. Most of the parties in question have all known each other since grade school and follow each other on social media. What people post and like is known in the small town regardless if someone prints them or not. It’s the nature of a small town. And you are right at every level of politics everyone has things that they hope never come to light. Sometimes, those things do come to light which is what we have in this case.

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